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Latest Team Fortress 2 Comic Tells Origins Of Sniper


"Hey, remember Team Fortress 2?" I think to myself, sometimes. I played that game every day for months, squeezing rounds into lunch breaks and evenings till eventually I lost interest. "The big updates slowed," I explain to myself. "The steady stream of community content made each release feel like less of an event, and eventually time moved on and everyone's focus moved elsewhere, right?" Right.

What definitely didn't happen is that the game continued to grow in popularity indefinitely. It certainly didn't become the third most played game on Steam, with tens of thousands playing it at any moment. Absolutely there is not a regular and regularly excellent series of free comics about it, with a fourth part that went online earlier this month. That'd be mad.

Sometimes I think this is bizarro world. Good thing it is though, because the Team Fortress 2 comic is great. The latest chapter is 113 pages long and continues to expand the TF2 universe in surprising directions. I'm pretty sure that even if you've read all previous comics so far - and watched the short films, and played the game - that there'll be moments where you'll turn a page and go, "Whuh? Wait, what's this about?"

It's sort of about the origins of the Sniper. Sort of. Saying more would be spoilers, so just roll with it, it's funny. The comic is available as a PDF or CBR file too.

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