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Getting Spiritual: Qora Is Out Now

FUN FACT: No other words contain the word "Qora," likely because it is made up.

As we enter October 2014, from now on to be known solely as "The Month Of Games, All The Games, Forever Until Death," there are many delights scattered in our future. We've just had Orc Murderinator 4000 and around the corner is Space Hide'n'Seek 2014. Past that is My Head Is A Spooky Safe and Not Alpha Centauri 2: We Promise Edition. What a time to be alive, but oh, what's this, more?!

It's the hottest ugly sweater simulator of the year! Qora, which was Spirit while on Kickstarter but renamed earlier this year, has been released. New trailer below.

I've fond memories of the demo, which is no longer available for reasons only obvious to aliens from the planet WHY and game developers. It's a serene game full of thought, excellently written with great music. Some of the best pixel art this side of the SNES too, though a little weaker on mechanics than I'd like. Hopefully that's been shored up in the final release.

It's available on Steam at a discounted early bird price of £6.39 or on Humble for £7.99. Alternatively there's physical copies including the soundtrack on cassette (an ancient technology mostly used for the storage of badly composed mixtapes in the mid 90s) on Curve Digital's website.

Bonus round: make up your own alternative titles for upcoming releases. The best wins my eternal love.

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