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Freeware Garden: Mimicry Man

Stop mimicking me.

There exists an obscure and dangerous creature all but the staunchest adventures have grown to fear. A monster so devilish in its understanding of a hero's soul it's virtually invincible. A mimic.

Mimicry Man is a scientifically accurate simulation of the life of the average beastie of the sort.

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You'll get to play as a mimic: a monster disguised as an old treasure chest that will instantly devour anyone foolish enough to open it. A chest that lures adventurers with the treasure of their dreams. Or, err, food.

The mimic you'll be simulating though has been tasked by the appropriately capitalised Dark Lord to defeat the Hero. The Hero who only craves but for one thing: the legendary Solar Sword. Do this and you'll win yourself both a castle and a fatherly pat on the back by the Dark Lord himself.

Fooling a zebra is merely step 2 in my ludicrously complicated plan to dominate this fair, fantasy land.

Not unlike the life of the Mimic, Mimicry Man is a simple and devious sim.

Whenever an opponent appears you show them what you think they'll want and, should they be intrigued enough to approach, eat them to grab their loot. Said loot, anything from bottled milk to the aforementioned sword of legend, can be combined with other loot into new loot that will entice richer, more interesting enemies and hence more loot. Bread and meat can, for example, be crafted into a hamburger which eventually you'll trade for something better until you get to the sword and become a happy mimic-ing villainous henchperson.

Mimicry Man is a Windows only affair created in RPG Maker 2000 by Kazusa Norakumo and, as you may have guessed, is essentially a unique puzzler and not an RPG. Oh, and you'll most probably love the cartoony pixel-art of its graphics too. I mean, just look at those Cow and Zebra warriors and, while looking, consider that they are two of the less exotic heroes to be consumed.

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