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Joustian Pact: Laza Knitez

Top-down Lance-a-lot

Like Towerfall before it, Laza Knitez is a local multiplayer game that has made its way to the PC and Mac from the Ouya. It actually looks quite similar to Towerfall, supporting up to four players who battle across a single screen, snagging powerups, and attacking with projectiles and melee strikes. It's top-down Joust. With shotguns. Have a gander.

There's support for PlayStation and Xbox pads, but no mention of N64 controllers so you'll have to put the beast back in its bed for another long hibernation. It's time will come again.

If you're wondering how you're going to have any fun with a game that requires a small squad of chums positioned around your computer, perhaps the single player campaign will be of interest? It's ENDLESS.

Even ultranoble warriors sometimes need a little alone time. Unwind with LAZA KNITEZ!! endless single player campaign against ruthless robots.

Laza Knitez costs $2, thanks to a launch discount from the usual price of $100 (JAPES), which will presumably last forever. Or for at least a few years.

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