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Watch Metrocide's Cyberpunk Assassinations In Action

GTA1 + Syndicate

What's your favourite -cide word? If you answered giganticide, the killing of giants, then you answered correctly. If you answered Metrocide, then you are correct in some sense. It might not be a real word, but Metrocide is a top-down stealth assassination game set in a cyberpunk dystopia and inspired by Grand Theft Auto 1 and Syndicate. There's no way that can be wrong, and the five-minute video walkthrough below left me hurrying to commit further linguicide by writing this post.

We got an initial look at Metrocide back in July, but this playthrough clears up some of the mysteries Alice highlighted last time around. You take dynamic assassination missions and then have to carry them out on city streets without being spotted. That means tracking your quarry, waiting til they're in a quiet place, and then hiding the body after the fact.

As seen above, if you fail to do that last part, a civilian will likely stumble upon your mess. That causes a crime scene to be established, as cleaner-robots come to tidy up and hovering police droids start scanning nearby pedestrians. If you're scanned and have illegal weapons on you, they'll simply be confiscated and you'll be fine, but if you're seen doing some greater misdeed they'll quickly shoot on sight.

Five minutes is still too short a time to get a full sense of the scope of the game, but I like open worlds with inter-locking and dynamic systems. I also like getting away with things. Metrocide has me intrigued.

The game began as an entry to the Cyberpunk Game Jam from earlier this year, but developers Flat Earth were similarly intrigued by their concept that they never submitted the game, deciding to keep working on it and release it as a full game. It's now due to land on Steam in the near future.

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