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Trick Or Treat: Costume Quest 2 Out Now

Cutesy launch trailer

Oh, we can all be cynical about the commercialisation of religious festivals and The Man trying to import American commercial holidays we have no sentimental attachment to, but look. Watch the Costume Quest 2 launch trailer and feel a little bit warm inside about Halloween. Look at those happy little children (admittedly fictional children created by adults) and their adorable little spooky costumes and think "Awww, isn't that nice?" It's a proper launch-launch trailer too, none of that 'weeks in advance' nonsense, coming this evening just as Double Fine's RPG launched on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £10.99.

The first Costume Quest was charming but I lost interest a little after the umpteenth time of watching the same attack animations in its uninteresting combat. But, you know, the attacks came from children turned into beings from their wildest dreams by their costumes. Their adorable shoddy costumes.

I am awfully fond of wonky Halloween costumes. Sheets with holes cut in them, cotoon wool beards, cardboard box robots, fake blood dripping from every visible orifice -- folks with buckets of enthusiasm but only five minutes and £5 to spare. I dig it. Enthusiasm and ideas with the seams showing. At a party we hosted a few years ago, a pal wrapped himself in a sheet and drew on a facepaint beard to come as the spectral counterpart of a famed games critic... Ian Boo-Ghost. Adorable.

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