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Freeware Garden: Psyche E

Scrotum inventory.

"I am yourself and you are me. My name is Ego. My penis fell off... help me find it."

So begins Psyche E. A short, scatological and completely bonkers point-and-click adventure you can download for Windows. A game filled with weird sights and words that beautifully rhyme with rock.

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A game so brilliantly juvenile and unapologetically silly it a) would have been something 16-years-old me wouldn't be able to stop talking about and b) provides you with a scrotum inventory. An amazingly useful one too, especially if you are looking for a place to store nipples and/or feces. And you'll be needing them if you are to feed a baby and a sunflower, won't you?


Of course you will. As you will need to travel through flowery orifices and meet the Nothingness Angel who wisely declares his lack of existence and claims ownership of all. And nothing. Well, at least he's less demanding than Peyote the Coyote and less smelly than the foot with the burden that will eventually make for a handy inventory item -- the burden, that is, not the foot.

So, in a nutshell, if you are looking for a few good laughs, you'll probably love this. I know I do. I even love its fart jokes and noises and am in awe of its ending; it's one of the silliest ever conceived.

Just keep in mind that Psyche E could be considered NSFW in certain places, though definitely not if you are writing for Rock Paper Shotgun in your underpants in your home.

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