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Freeware Garden: Grim Express

Inspired by the Last Express

There you were minding your own business and enjoying the luxury and efficiency of the Soviet rail system, when everything went dark and the nice gentleman sitting opposite you got stabbed in the heart. Now the trip to Moscow would be too depressing to bear, unless, that is, you decided to solve the murder on the Grim Express. Or, better yet, actually play sleuth-'em'-up Grim Express.

It's a wonderfully atmospheric game set in a train, that's strongly reminiscent of the Last Express, was made in an astonishing 48 hours and you can directly download for your Windows PC via this link.

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So, the good, somehow rich doctor has been murdered and you have to discover who killed him by mainly searching through three expertly realized 3D cars for clues that could reveal the order and nature of the events leading to the murder. You'll also have to subtly interrogate the suspect passengers, ask the right questions, uncover their pasts and relationships with the victim and each other and learn as much as you can in order to formulate a concrete theory regarding the killer's identity.

This radio plays some pretty epic Soviet tunes, you know.

Having done that you can talk to the inspector nearby, pick the killer from a list of suspected culprits, read what your theory sounds like and discover whether you were right or wrong.

Obviously, things aren't as straightforward as they might initially appear, what with numerous red herrings and people pointing fingers all over the place; correctly guessing the killer requires quite a bit of thought and what feels like sensible detective work. Possibly even discovering a lost necklace or counting knives, in what could only be described as a short yet lovely detective game, despite its almost childish and confused politics.

So, better get in there and find out whodunnit. Was it Alexei who was hospitalized in an asylum due to the doctor and was conveniently close to both him and the lights off switch or was it the left-handed rich widow Natalia? The killing blow was probably administered by a left handed person, you see, and she did know certain knife-wielding people from her circus-loving days. People like Igor, who sounds suspiciously like her lover. Then again, could it have been a suicide? Or were you, the too-eager-to-help detective, a part of this?

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