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Into The Night: Insurgency Adding Dark, Dark Co-op

Are you afraid of the dark?

Darkness in multiplayer shooters is a tricky one. In theory, it demands new ways of moving, more attention and more caution, but opens up new tactics and opportunities. In practice, people bump their brightness high enough to make the darkness pointless so you do it too because they're essentially playing a different, easier game and then it's all just pointless and everyone's looking at an ugly, ugly game. Few games manage fun, uncheatable darkness.

Military FPS Insurgency is having a crack at darkness in its next update, named Nightfall. Along with spooky night-time maps, it'll bring a new co-op mode about sneaking around in the dark.

Here's how game director Jeremy Blum explains the new co-op mode, Survival:

In it you must move from safehouse-to-safehouse, and evade enemy detection with your friends. The enemy gets more and more difficult as your team progresses, and with the cover of night it can get quite scary as they attempt to surround and eliminate you and your team.

Good-o! New night-vision goggles will mean folks aren't totally blind, but are still challenged. I imagine folks waving flashlights around will cause trouble for goggles too. These will come in handy on updated night maps for regular modes too.

The update is due on October 29th, spoOoOoOOokily just in time for Halloween. It'll also add a party system, a new map, and an AK-74 and an M4A1 to shoot men with.

Here, have a gander at the night-time antics in this recent livestream. It opens with a few rounds on the new level, Verticality, then NVG action begins after around 37 minutes:

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