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First Of Many? Ultimate General: Gettysburg Released

Because "Ultimate" means "last"

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is out. The historical real-time strategy game that got The Flare Path's heart fluttering is now finished with Early Access and available in final form.

Unfortunately there is no launch trailer - the main video on the Steam store page is a revised, 30-second spot first released for the game's Greenlight campaign - but it's still worth watching this 22-minute after action report if you haven't already. It's commentary is offered via on-screen text and it walks through the tactical decisions that are made at each point, revealing a game both nuanced and accessible.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is designed and developed by Nick Thomadis, better known as Darth, the creator of various DarthMods for various Total War games. Those mods are often credited with "fixing" various underlying balance problems with Creative Assembly's grand strategy series, so it'll be fascinating to find out whether his first standalone game is as canny as those.

It won't be expensive to find out either, as the game's accessibility stretches beyond the interface and control methods to include the price - it's just $15/£11. That's not much money for so many AI options. We'll ask someone expert - who knows who - to let us know if it's worth the cost sometime next week.

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