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Modder's Secession: Ultimate General: Gettysburg

I once modded Oblivion to stop some text from popping up on screen, which technically makes me a modder. I don't imagine I'll be building the next Skyrim anytime soon, but if you need me Bethesda, I am here. In similar news, one of the main chaps behind DarthMod, probably the Total War series' most famous mods, has decided to make a game. Not content with fixing and rebalancing The Creative Assembly's war fiddlers, he's making his own RTS: Ultimate General: Gettysburg,

Eight years and millions of downloads later, he probably deserves the opportunity to break free of CA's bonds. What's he making, then?

We commemorate the 150th anniversary of America's Civil War most defining moment: the Battle of Gettysburg. Around 51,000 soldiers were casualties in this three-day battle which was fought 1-3 July 1863 around the small city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The full order of battle for Union and Confederate - all the brigades and their important officers - will be available for you to command. A historically accurate map will include the most significant locations around Gettysburg. Brief historical data for units, people and places will help you understand the events and the tactics of this glorious battle.

That translates as you commanding the Union or Confederate troops while wearing the fancy hat of a general. You won't need to micromanage the game's apparently intelligent units: they'll defend and retaliate on their own, while you can worry about grabbing terrain and ensuring troops morale doesn't dip so low that they just give up. There's bunch more details of how the war will be mongered on the dev blog.

Via PCG.

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