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Recipe For Gettysburgers: 22 Minutes Of Ultimate General

Why do you fight, tiny men?

When I saw the 22 minute length of the new Ultimate General: Gettysburg beta footage I thought, 'No way am I watching all of this. I'll skim it.' 22 minutes and 45 seconds later and I've watched the whole thing. It is full of tiny men fighting and on-screen annotations (Like a recipe? --Headline Justification Ed) explaining the tactics and AI manouvers underpinning the game's accessible, historical real-time strategy. Come see what hooked me below the fold.

Ultimate General is being made by Nick Thomadis, who was previously responsible for the highly popular DarthMod series for various Total War games. This is first standalone project, and I could enthuse all day about how it looks. Those little fluffy trees.

I'm equally excited for its AI though, which is designed to have personality rather than merely be mathematically optimal. The video shows a 'determined' opponent at work, and you can see the ways in which that shapes the direction of the battles.

Not content with the video and crave more rifle volleys of information? Hit up The Flare Path's interview with its creator.

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