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Dreadnought: That's No Moon

Gratuitous not-quite-space battles

Somehow we haven't written about Yager's flying battleship combat game Dreadnought since going COR BLIMEY YEAH I'LL HAVE A BIT OF THAT PLEASE THANK YOU back during E3 week. Time to correct that. Time to correct that with massive great spaceships.

This in-game footage is a little bittersweet, in that it necessarily lacks the big reveal of the earlier CGI trailer (reposted at the bottom of this post for your comfort and safety). We already know the Dreadnoughts are super-massive, and are now seeing the game from their perspective, rather than the over-awed and quickly-squashed perspective of normal-size spaceships.

Still, there's a fine sense of scale to this, thanks to dramatic backdrops. Less uncanny valley, and more All The Valleys. Take a look at an in-game multiplayer argy-bargy:

What's appealing to me about this is that it doesn't appear to be frantic. It seems that there's time to think about one's tactics and actions, and that the size and ruggedness of your Dreadnought means you get plenty of opportunity to destroy a bunch of smaller stuff, rather than just getting insta-nobbled the first time you make a mistake. That does appeal to a man of my shaky reflexes more than a straight-up dogfighting game does.

Dreadnought's due out on PC next year.

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