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Have You Played... Dog Of Dracula 2?

Nuevo Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

"This story is dedicated to all those otakus who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives", opens Dog of Dracula 2. Don't worry if you missed Dog of Dracula 1. The intro explains that after overthrowing the tyrant who banned condiments, most of the world is now jacked into the cyberbahn under megacorp monitoring. It ends: "2000 A.D. Nuevo Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E."

Some of that might sound familiar. Dog of Dracula 2 is a free interactive novel bulging with references to anime, '90s pop culture, junk food, video games, movies, and all that jazz. It's funny, odd, and self-aware enough to make that work far better than it might sound.

I could tell you more about Dog of Dracula 2, the struggles of WoofLeaks to bring down the corps, but a selection of screenshots should tell you everything you need to make your mind up about whether you'll give it a few minutes of your time and a few megabytes of your hard drive.

An ally and romantic interest.

You and me both, pal. This is our hero.

Life in the pre-postapocalypse can be grim.

Everyone suffers. Even cats. Or capybara.

But we make friends.

And rebels know how to stick it to The Man.

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