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Hope In A Drowned World: Submerged

Sibling-saving "exploration adventure"

Oh ay, zombies? Let's all frolick about in meadows chased by walking corpses and pretending we're engaging with the end of human civilisation. No, we won't be turned or resurrected, we'll simply sit by as sea levels rise then tear each other to pieces. In the end, almost all our accomplishments will be beneath the waves. A few pieces of technology will drift through space, calling out to a creator that'll never recover, never rebuild, never grow big or advanced enough to ever hear them again.

Submerged's set in a similar world, but with a slightly more hopeful story. Hope! Hah! The very idea! Still, may as well have fun while we can, right?

Uppercut Games' "exploration adventure" sees a sister searching an ancient drowned city for supplies to help her sick brother, sailing over sunken streets in a fishing boat. It is awfully pretty. We had a peek at screenshots in DevLog Watch a few months back, and now we have a lovely new trailer to watch:

Uppercut plan to release Submerged in "early 2015" if we're even still around that long. Oh, we'll still be here all right. We'll still be here for painfully, horribly long. We'll see what's coming but it'll be too late to change anything, and all we'll be able to do is watch it happen. I'm optimistic that I'm just old enough to die before things turn truly awful.

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