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Boaty Exploration: Submerged Surfacing Next Week

Cool whales

Exploring a drowned world on a dinky little boat sounds grand. Not Waterworld drowned, just... end-of-human-civilization-as-we-know-it-don't-worry-it's-kinda-peaceful-may-as-well-accept-it drowned. I've had my eye on Submerged [official site] for a while, keen to get exploring, and am glad to learn the wait is almost over. For months I've been making do the best I can, which was sitting in the bath surrounded by LEGO houses. It's not the same.

Submerged will arrive next Tuesday, August 4th, developers Uppercut Games have announced. Come see some lovelies in a new trailer:

Grand that, isn't it? The exploration isn't aimless, see, you're looking for supplies. Navigating the drowned city, you need to spot supply caches, and figure out how the reach them, large buildings turning from scenery to platforming environments you scale and shimmy around to reach the goodies. You've got a sick brother to look after, after all.

But oh, the peaceful moments, the sunsets and sunrises over dramatic views, and the seemingly mutated whales and dolphins and fat seagulls, those are all delightful. I don't know if the supply-scavenging has any urgency attached, but I'd love to be able to poke around at my own pace.

Submerged will be available for Windows through Steam and the Humble Store. No word yet on how much it'll cost.

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