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Oh hey, Submerged has a sequel coming to PC

After being a Stadia exclusive? Who knew!

Following a stretch on Stadia, a platform so forgotten I didn't even know the game existed, a sequel to 2015's lovely Submerged is venturing onto PC and beyond. I'm often not interested in games which reflect my daily life but Submerged: Hidden Depths makes it look so pretty to lark about in water and explore the ruins of civilisation that sure, I'll do it in the game too. Check out the trailer below.

Very pretty, that. The sequel will send us once again over the waves of a flooded world, climbing ruined buildings, not doing violence, and cooing at the spectacle and weird pretty wildlife. I'm up for more of that. And in the game.

Uppercut Games both announced Hidden Depths and released it exclusively on Stadia on the same day in December 2020. That would probably be why I never heard of it. Apparently its Steam page has been up for a few months? Mysteries. But today's announcement reiterated that it's coming to PC, and confirmed the game for Xboxes and PlayStations too.

John Walker (RPS in peace) called the first game "unrelentingly lovely" in our Submerged review.

"To be a little mercenary about it, Submerged is the radio tower climbing of a Far Cry game, set in a very big puddle," he explained. "But the pleasing news is, this is something that really works. Free-form, packed with secrets to find, and with some genuinely fantastic water to bounce about on, its occasional roughness is forgivable and its single-focus desirable."

No word yet on when the sequel comes our way, other than "soon".

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Submerged: Hidden Depths

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