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Split/Mickey: Disney Arrive On Steam

And a load of old movie tie-in games

When Disney shut down Junction Point last year, it seemed the then-delayed PC port of toon 'em up Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two would quietly vanish. And vanish it did, without a trace, until yesterday. After 20 months lost at sea, the final game from Warren Spector's studio suddenly appeared on Steam. Disney shook its pockets out onto Steam, turning up that lost port along with a load of other PC games including fellow Disney victim Black Rock Studio's explode-o-racer Split/Second and off-roader Pure.

Epic Mickey 2's an odd one, a big celebration of Disney history wrapped up in a 3D platformer with a bit of combat and the odd 2D platforming section. Reviews said it was pretty bum, but hey, perhaps it's interesting if you're super into Disney or Warren 'Oh Gosh Origin Systems And Looking Glass And Deus Chuffing Ex' Spector. It's £13.49, if you fancy a punt. Have a look:

Split/Second, meanwhile, is a loud game about fast cars and big explosions. In some sort of grim dystopian future, television audiences deem races not exciting enough, so drivers can also trigger parts of the scenery to explode, opening up new routes or squishing rivals. Driving cars is fun and explosions are too. It's £13.59 now, which is a touch beyond my 'I want to see cars and explosions for an hour tonight' price range. It's got the dreaded SecuROM DRM too. But look, explosions:

You can also buy a whole load of movie tie-in games. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is probably the most interesting in there, but came in that awkward period when Traveller's Tales looked a little tired with LEGO games.

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