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Make It Snappy: Big Teeth's VR Crocodile Dentistry

Dentistry on wild animals

What's the worst that can happen in Surgeon Simulator? You yank some poor shlub's eyes out and they die with scalpels stuck in their brain? Pff! I've killed thousands of men in video games. What difference does one more make? No one cares about you, patient man. We do care about ourselves, though. We care about ourselves and keeping all our limbs attached. We care about keeping crocodiles and sharks sedated during surgery so they don't surge forwards and chomp off our hand. That's why the terrors of Big Teeth feel so very real and wholly believable to us all.

Big Teeth sits square in the wacky medicine genre, this time having players perform dental surgery on big scary animals with big scary teeth, creatures like crocodiles, hippos, and sharks. They've got bad teeth, you've got tools, and they've got short tempers. Oh sure, it's a virtual version of Crocodile Dentist with Oculus Rift support and fewer parts to lose, but it does look like silly fun.

Curiously, I couldn't find much about Big Teeth. It seems to exist simply in this trailer and on a Steam Greenlight page. Supposedly it's "coming soon".

My favourite part is politely coughing to wake up your dozing anaesthetist. Or possibly the screams when the animals strike. Or how the shark lunges.

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