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Civ: Beyond Earth's Intro Recreates Science Victory

Brings a tear to the eye

A science victory in Civilization is awfully anti-climatic. Thousands of years of research, exploration, art, diplomacy, trade, war, survival, and human progress, and all you have to show for it is a little spaceship popping out your city then flying off the top of the screen. It's nice, but lacks drama. That's where Civilization: Beyond Earth begins, exploring what happens after humanity reaches the stars, so its intro movie offers an extended take on that blastoff. It's all hope and fear and EMOTIONS. Imagine this next time you win a science victory, and try to hold in those little sobs of pride.

Of course, they'll all only go and mess up that new planet too. Our Alec has played Beyond Earth for the first 200 turns, which was enough time to kill a lot of native wildlife and get into a war with folks from another faction, Jeez, civilisation, what is your problem? Do we have to ruin everything? You've got a whole chuffing planet over there, it's all unsullied and pretty and it still has that 'new planet' smell if you put your nose right up against it. You didn't learn much from the planet you just fled, did you? This grand opportunity and you blow it, you mugs.

Or maybe Alec is the monstrous sort to force even the most peaceful planet into war. I've looked into his eyes: there's a darkness. You lot can have a crack at creating your own utopia or hellworld next week, as Beyond Earth is due on October 24.

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