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Reflective Puzzling: Sokobond Dev's Free Mirror Isles

I see you, me, us, all of us, so many of us

I don't know what Alan Hazelden has against blocks. He's always pushing them around, shoving them into unlikely places. Oh sure, they might be dressed up as adorable snowmen or chemicals, but he's still barging blocks about. I bet he forces them to dress that way too. "You lot, get in these crates now," he threatens, holding the block up against a wall by its lapel. "You! You're dressing up as mirrors!" he demands, slapping a long, thin line of PuzzleScript against his palm. The quake, they quiver, and they slip on their mirrored jumpsuits.

You can see the results of his most recent sokobullying in Mirror Isles, a free web-based puzzler.

As one might expect, mirrors are quite central to Mirror Isles. You're on little isles and trying to reach the exit, see, but can't or won't swim. Handily, magical mirrors scattered about let you swap place with your reflection. Or I suppose you create a version of yourself in the place of your reflection then kill the original. That small distinction becomes important when you have multiple mirrors. Anyway, you manipulate those to jump around isles and get where you need to go.

New blocks are introduced over the levels, blocks start to work in different ways, things get difficult and weird enough that I only know about them because I've seen them mentioned on Twitter. I'm a lover not a puzzler, me.

It's small and pleasant and free and you might enjoy it on this sunny Friday afternoon, though the huge pause at the looping point in the music is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Agh.

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