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Lovesick: Because Bodily Fluids Are All Romantic

In sickness and in health

In a slight change of pace from games about Hieronymous Bosch and game jams aiming to overturn social stigmas, I have been playing Lovesick.

Lovesick is a romantic game by Deep Plaid Games about competitive projectile vomiting and explosive poop. Because, look, nothing says romance like exchanging bodily fluids so why be so prescriptive over exactly which bodily fluids those actually are?

The idea is simple: both bride and groom have eaten undercooked shimp on the eve of their wedding and have become violently ill. Your job is to get as much of your character's vomit into the toilet as possible. It's not a subtle game, I'll admit.

Dignity isn't really a strategy

Alas it's a two-player game. That means that either I must play alone (that's not so much fun – I'm mostly contenting myself by making the groom jet about on a stream of poop and perform acrobatics to the smooth sounds of Careless Whisper), or I must go downstairs, interrupt my housemate's music lesson and request she come and play a competitive sicking and pooping game.

Is that a social faux pas? It might be a social faux pas.

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