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Valkyria Chronology: Tactical RPG Arriving In November

With all the DLC included t'boot

When Sega announced a PC port of Valkyria Chronicles earlier this week, all we knew was: it's coming to PC. That's fine news, as I've heard good things about the tactical RPG, but a little vague. They had a marketing plan, see, then a ratings board tipped their hand. Better a hasty announcement than the tedious "We do not comment on rumour or speculation" we often hear from publishers dodging things that are clearly happening. Anyway, now we have details. It'll launch on November 11th, coming complete with all the DLC from PS3 at a price of £14.99 (or £13.49 if you pre-order).

Valkyria Chronicles goes down in an analogue of World War 2-era Europe, where it turns out, hey, also there's a race of ancient beings with special powers. Its combat is its real strength, or so They tell me, so perhaps go read Eurogamer's review for more on that. That lot seem sensible enough.

The Sega PC Ports petition gang are taking credit for this one. I couldn't say quite how much this was down to them, but good on 'em either way. I too hope this is the start of a Sega port-o-rama, as Bayonetta and Vanquish are the only two reasons I still have an Xbox 360 filling me with clutterdread. Those are pretty great video games. In fact, let's get irresponsibly hype-y: Vanquish is the best third-person shooty-shooter I've played. Pretty please, Ian Sega.

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