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Superhop Superhop Superhop Superhop: Froggy

Superhot meets Frogger

It seems grossly unprofessional to open a post with a huge chunk of a game's marketing fluff but:

FROGGY is the legendary froggame that forever changed frogtelling in the frogindustry with its groundbreaking narrative. Many critics have heralded it as the Citizen Kane of frogs. FROGGY's most notable achievement was the accurate representation of frogs, for which it won many frogminations in froggytainment, and PC Frogger's Frog of the Year award.

Froggy is a fizzing little curio that's more Superhot than Frogger, a weird and wonderful free game with charm gushing out its cloaca. Come see.

Set in an apocalyptic future where roads and cars are everything, Froggy's the tale of one brave eponymous frog trying to stay alive. Frogger's a clear reference, but that's mostly visual. Rather than simply jumping across lanes, you're dashing about all over trying to devour butterflies and dodge the cars that zoom about and leave giant fireballs as they smash into each other. Mostly it's the explosions that'll get you, but only if you're hasty.

Like Superhot, time (mostly) only moves when you move. You can bounce along merrily in real-time, enjoying life as a frog, but let your attention slip and you'll find yourself in blue-flash road mash. Silly Froggy. Pause, look carefully, and plot a safe route.

(One small note: when the main menu says "Press enter to play", it really means space.)

And oh, it's just so charming. The setting and intro are absurd, Froggy's synthesised internal voice adorable, and its name entry screen is certainly the finest I've ever abbreviated my name into. And! You get a certificate for winning! To top it all off, it's open-source too.

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