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Better Than Stoke, I Guess: Basingstoke

Local city overrun by horrific bipedal, one-nosed monsters.

I feel like instead of picking on an individual place, post-apocalyptic survival roguelike Basingstoke should just be called Your Town. Who doesn't feel like they're beating back invading alien dog-things in a pitch black nightmare when they're walking home? Or maybe that's just a similarity Basingstoke and Glasgow share? I'll admit this won't feel realistic to me without the accents. The horrific wasteland that is my home aside, Alice brought news of Revenge of the Titans dev Puppygames' last ditch effort to save themselves from bankruptcy in August. Now they've released a trailer and new details on what you'll get up to.

The video accompanied a blog post about what to expect out of the game. The main goal is to "ultimately escape Basingstoke, like any right-thinking individual." The method to that prize is up to you, but the plan is for it to be a challenging, randomly generated experience. At every turn you'll be accosted by the invasion of the Titans, the long-time alien antagonists of the Puppygames universe, who used Basingstoke as their first landing zone. The levels will be procedurally constructed from a number of preset "blocks" of terrain that will clip together, hopefully in such a way as to offer plenty of variety.

Puppy Games developer Justin "Allicorn" Burt also released this Alpha footage last month, which shows some more of what the game will actually be like to play:

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