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A Faint Signal: Antenna

I have no idea what this is.

I'm maybe romanticizing, but the total lack of information about Antenna has made it tantalising. There's no website, no information about who's making it or their plans. The one hundred and eight second trailer, embedded below, has the barest glimpses of directing a robot around a black and white planet. A one-line greenlight descriptor is of little extra help:

A machine, ponders its loneliness. It scans the radio spectrum for an answer to its question.

And that's it. That's all we have.

And yet I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued by the art style, because Limbospiration hasn't worn thin on me yet. I'm intrigued by the robot, because not many game protagonists are hulking four legged machines that still manage to be just a bit adorable. I'm intrigued by the central questions - where are we? Who are we scanning for? Why is it so hard? Do they not want us to hear?

Which is ridiculous! There are so many games out there, released and otherwise, with more definable mysteries to explore. I know nothing of this, gleaning more from its six words of tags - "Casual, Free To Play, Platformer, Puzzle" - than anything else the developer has written. Google searches of the two names at the start of the trailer reveal nothing but likely unrelated further confusion. It should barely take a moment of my time to look over and archive, wait for more, see where it goes.

But here I am. Intrigued. Maybe you are too. Greenlight this way.

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