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Occult Detectives: Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy Kickstarting

Based on a comic book

You get the idea: magic is real and so are ghosts and ghoulies and monsters and Lisbon is full of 'em and you're the sidekick to a werewolf occult detective. I haven't read the comic book that Kickstarting adventure game The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy is based on, but it's a simple premise and I'm glad the demo they've got out drops you straight into this rather than blab on. Things are weird and kind of funny, and you need to collect items and combine them and solve puzzles for reasons you don't fully understand. It's worth a play, even just to smile at how pretty it is.

It's classic adventure game stuff: chat to folks, steal everything that's not nailed down (and your character doesn't shrug "I have no use for that" to, as if a robot costume claw is obviously more useful than orange juice), combine items, and solve puzzles that you recognise are puzzles even if you're not entirely sure why you're doing them.

You will e.g. steal gum and douse it in holy water (which you wouldn't pick up until it fell off a table) to turn it into holy gum to get a demon to chew it and spit it out to create chewed gum (you don't like the flavour, so you can't chew it yourself). I suspect I need that gum to fix a crack in a radiator to get a possessed basement furnace to explode, but I don't know why I want to destroy it. Adventure games.

The writing has some wonky English (developers Okam Studio are Argentinian) and while it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it's a weird and quirky and pleasant thing. You can download the demo from here with the username 'lorenzo' and the password 'lamas'.

Okam are looking for $30,000 (£18.5k-ish) on Kickstarter to finish the game. They say the English script is written, but it clearly needs a pass from a native speaker. Anyway, pledging at least $15 (about £9.30) will get you a copy of the game when it's finished.

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