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You Are Nothing: World Of Diving Adds Bismarck, Dread

See what use the sea has for you

Why not dive into the murky depths and bear witness to your own insignificance? Visit a shipwreck and see what the sea makes of our society and its mighty technology. See how fragile we are. See how sentimental the sea is. See what use the sea has for you. It's a bit macabre, innit?

The latest World of Diving update has added the wreck of the Bismarck, letting us experience existential dread within the corroded corridors of the German battleship. It was scuttled in 1941 after a lengthy chase and battle; from a crew of over two thousand, barely one hundred were rescued. The wreck was discovered 48 years later, five kilometres down in the dark.

That far down, the sea's indifference would crush you in an instant. You'll need to use your imagination as you paddle about in scuba gear, then, but perhaps this is all a horrible dream. That might explain why you're pocketing knick-knacks, cursed little objects, as you swim through a memorial to thousands. It's all a bad dream. Surely you're not so petty, so pointless.

Beyond the horrors of the Bismarck, the update also added a little remote-controlled robot buddy and a metal detector to play with. Perhaps shiny technology will help distract you from all that.

World of Diving is still in early access. Christopher Livingston had a look at it last month, see.

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