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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Winter edition

It's time to wrap up warm, RPS - thank goodness you've got just so many fetching scarves. The winter months are rolling in, which makes for the perfect excuse to build an intricate blanket fort around your chair and go into a weekend games-hibernation. It'll be a tough life of hot chocolate and mince pies, but I believe in you and think you'll come out the other side stronger than ever before. Or, at least, sated by the blood/love of your digital enemies/friends.

Well, here's what I'm looking at every time I open Steam:

So, you know. Likely I won't be able to play it until Sunday evening, but I expect to be fully drained of all free time by Wednesday. A rotting husk that only vaguely remembers the concept of leaving my chair. But just one more turn, eh? The RPS opinionator has been fed a copy and will be spitting out its fully formed answer early next week. In the mean time, what's alien-hot and what's space-not? Are you bonding with your extra-terrestrial buddies or crushing them under mighty steel?

In the scant moments not filled with work or nu-global domination, I'm splitting time between World of Tanks and Robocraft. They're similar in structure but couldn't be much more different outside of that. World of Tanks' simulation-esque aims and slower pace gives it a more tactical feel. I play as an artillery piece with an overhead view and insta-gib gun rather than the normal 3rd person view-point of the smaller vehicles. It's really unique. Every shot means holding my breath for the 2-3 seconds it takes to travel to my target followed by the elation of a satisfying new wreck or disappointment of a "that was close" soundbite. Plus sometimes I get raged at for being a "clicker" and the tears taste oh-so-sweet.

Robocraft is much more of an action piece, and far more moddable to my personal tastes. At the moment I'm piloting a small, fast, heavily-armed and armoured four-wheeler. This may sound like the best of all worlds, but a lack of size means far less blocks between my vulnerable pilot seat and oncoming laser bolts. Equally I've had to sacrifice firepower to maintain speed, and speed to maintain armour. It's a wonderful balancing act trying to stay competitive in all these different areas, plus it's the first game with Minecraft-y elements I've managed to get into.

But enough about my inability to express myself outside of building death machines, what are you dedicating time to this weekend?

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