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Blood Pumping Mini-RTS: Prophour23

Like a really horrific exam. Hand writing things? Just awful.

Hello! It's good to see you in here at Olde Shope Clif, Papyrus, Bow once again. Looking for an oddity, are you? How about this RTS themed around creating, joining and then defending organs against lice? That's the quick pitch of Prophour23. It's styled akin to old-timey Biology drawings, complete with yellowing parchment. Spurred on by the likes of Super Hexagon, solo developer Przemek Müller is aiming for a quicker strategy experience, demanding fast thinking and faster movement. It's also procedurally generated, ensuring each run at it is different.

I love the idea of playing mix'n'match with the human body to create new configurations. It's just the right combo of familiarity with the subject matter and creepy mad science that the art brings to mind. Going into more detail in his original announcement post, Przemak said that muscles will need to be connected to other organs to allow them to work. Based on a few screenshots, it seems like eyes will be necessary for dark periods, which presumably occur as part of the procedural generation. Other organs seem to increase the flow of blood - there's parallels here to more standard RTSes but the theme and fast-paced nature give them a new spin.

I discovered the game via the fantastic Screenshot Saturday Twitter hashtag, which I recommend following if you're a fan of seeing an incredible variety of games throughout their life cycle. Final alterations to the formula are being made ahead of release on Steam later this month.

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