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Check Out My Patches: Battlefield 4's Autumn Update

My cool leather jacket

You like patches, kid? I couldn't help but notice you checking out my cool leather jacket. Yep, that's a Counter-Strike beta 5.2 patch. Best damn version, I say. And look, on my shoulder: CS beta 3.1. The last days of gun-running, that one. Hey, you've got a good eye kid! That is DotA Allstars v5.84c! Different times... Here, you'll like this: QTest. I was there, first night. You see a lot of folks wearing fakes nowadays, claiming they were there and warbling on about how this or that ruined the scene, but check the thread: it should be copper wire. Fakes miss that. Posers, they're the real problem.

Say, what's that you've got hidden away under your scarf? A Battlefield 4 Fall Update patch? Aw, don't sweat it. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, kid.

DICE released the latest hefty BF4 patch yesterday, thankfully without accompanying jacket patches. They explain the big features in a blog post, or you can leap right into the huge full patch notes.

To recap: it improves hit detection, brings movement back to a more BF3-y feel, streamlines the UI and add more customisation options, fixes bugs and crashes, rebalances a little, and adds a 'Classic Mode'. Said by DICE to be closer to BF2 and BF3, this ruleset removes things like health regeneration, 3D spotting, third-person vehicle views, and killcams. It's somewhere between the Normal and Hardcore modes, then. Here, watch this video for more on that.

This all sounds swell, but it's taken eleven months for B4 to reach this point. You should probably bear that in mind when thinking about buying the police militarisation nightmare Battlefield Hardline when it launches early next year. Developers Visceral do say "the game will work" at launch, but you might want to wait for someone else to check first.

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