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Doom And Demonology: Tales Of Maj'Eyal DLC

Roguelike receives first DLC

Tales Of Maj'Eyal (TOME) is a proper roguelike rather than a roguelite or roguelike-like. I have nothing against Diet Roguelike but we're reaching the point at which the new FIFA might chuck in a perma-relegation mode and claim to have roguelike tendencies. The truth is, I'm chuffed that aspects of Rogue have infiltrated the wider world of gaming but sometimes I like to retreat back into the ADOM/Hack/SLASHEM bubble so that I can send some serious time getting my ASCII on. TOME has tile graphics rather than venerable ASCII but it's one of the modern giants of the genre, capable of absorbing entire weekends of my life. Today, it expands.

Does anyone want some lore? It has lots of silly words in it, with apostrophes crammed into the middle of them like clumsy sandwiches.

Eyal orbits a star called Shandral, but it is not the only world to do so. A world known as Mal'Rok to its inhabitants also orbits it, a world famous for many creatures that hail from it: creatures that people on Eyal call "demons". The demons have one goal: the invasion of Eyal, by any means necessary.

So the demons are actually aliens by the sound of things. Does that mean the new Demonologist class is essentially Ellie Arroway?

Unlock the Demonologist class, a sword & board fighter that enhances her battle prowess by summoning demons and grafting them onto her weapons and armour. Powerful demonologists can even call upon the echoes of the Spellblaze itself.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Sadly, there's no poet class to send in the demonologist's place. Unless the Doombringer harbours a secret love of iambic pentameter and a tender Romantic soul.

Play as a Doombringer class, a master of destruction and pain that binds demonic forces to channel power through her massive two handed weapon.

Maybe so!

The Ashes of Urh'Rok has a new starting zone, demonic abductions, a 'tinker' system that opens up equipment modification, and new areas, artifacts and enemies. It will be available at 5pm today (UK time), priced at 40 Voratun coins. What's a Voratun coin, you ask? TOME is free and coins are given to people who donate, as a thankyou - four Euros will get you 40 coins.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what sets TOME apart from other traditional roguelikes and I wrote lots of those thoughts down in my review.

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