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Team Fortress BOO! Halloween Brings Bumper Cars

And hats, of course

The thrills, chills, and double kills of the fairground are now open to all mercenaries who aren't afraid of being murdered in a wizard's ploy to invoke dark powers. This year's Scream Fortress Halloween update brings TF2 to a carnival not built on an ancient burial ground - that's the problem. Here, it'll make more sense if you read the comic.

This year's Halloween map is split into two halves: a one-flag CTF sorta thing about triggering a giant striker, then bumper car battles. It also has spells, costumes, and, of course, such... prizes!

The Carnival is a reskin version of TF2's Doomsday map, having players snatch a case of tickets, carry them over to The World's Largest Strongman Machine, then ride a lift up to unlock the bell. Obviously, you need to kill the other team to stop them doing this. The wizard Merasmus watches over the action, making snide remarks and casting spells, perhaps flooding the level with urine so everyone's swimming, or giving everyone giant heads so they float a little. Once the bell's rung, everyone's magicked away to bumper cars. You might play bumper car soccer, or knock each other off falling platforms into a gaping endless hellmouth beneath, or collect ducks by smashing into each other. They're pretty janky, but fun.

Obviously this update brings spooky Halloween items to wear. In a change from the usual way of giving fancy things out, everyone receives a cauldron gift bag containing a few garments, and can earn another by getting achievements. My Scout is wearing a chicken mask and zombie legs.

I tried to record a few rounds, but I've got a rotten cold out the moment and it turns out I simply mumbled and sniffed over the top of everything. So here's someone who seems pleasant enough:

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