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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Lucky you, RPS readers - there's a whole other weekend that started just today! I know, only five days after the last one! What a time to be alive. And what's it for? World peace? Scientific research? Reading?! No: games. Much like last week I'm interested in what you'll be taking your keyboard-hammer and mouse-sickle to over the next 48 hours and whether it's the good, the bad or the 480p. If you're unsure what might be worthy of your time, I've got some suggestions, plus a quick glance at what's going down in the world of streaming this weekend.

I picked up Abyss Odyssey in a sale this week, so that'll be taking a few hours. It's the latest work by ACE Team, the fellows behind the weird, wonderful and slightly wonky Zeno Clash series. It's part fighting game, part platformer as you descend into the titular hell-pit to deal with a warlock who's dreams have formed the monsters within - and yourself. I wrote about my excitement for it around release and that has stayed with me. Discovering your own combos is great as is the constant feeling of progression, but it's a game that makes no effort to explain itself so I'm still exploring systems and choices. Definitely feels like something I'll play for an hour or so every day for a while, which is fine value.

I'm also continuing a love affair with Marvel Puzzle Quest. The F2P barriers are beginning to show more than they were twenty or so play-hours ago but I'm still making progress through the campaign every day. I've worked out a new combination of heroes (Hawkeye, Storm and a rotating third of Magneto, Daken or a dinosaur) that makes fights against NPCs that can't move blocks much easier. MPQ rarely gets my full attention, accompanying stream-watching, podcast-listening or TV-enjoying but it is excellent for half-distracted gaming. If I'm bored of it by next week I won't be surprised, but it will have done well for zero investment on my part.

There's probably some stuff on this weekend that isn't the League of Legends World Championship Grand Finals, but it's all anyone's going to be talking about. Quite likely to break most e-sports and livestreaming records, the finals coverage starts at 06:30 tomorrow Brit-time (everyone else: bookmark this and work it out). It'll be a best of five kicking off after an hour or so of pre-show between Korean powerhouse Samsung Galaxy White and Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club. The jury's still out on whether I'll be setting an early alarm or dodging spoilers for twelve hours until the rebroadcast later in the evening. There are more details from Riot here, and Pip is there to write words for the site over the next week.

Chances are it won't take too many more glances at The Evil Within before I want to give it a shot, but with Alien: Isolation still remaining mostly unplayed I'm locked in a procrastination loop. Is it on your gore-splattered plate for this weekend, readers, or something less horrifying? Any League-hype? Let us know below.

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