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Color Picker: My Kind Of Selection Box

My colour picking problem

Hi. My name's Pip and I have a serious problem with colour-matching games.

Remember Color? All you had to do was move your cursor round a colour wheel and click on the best match for the colours the game had given you. So simple, so straightforward, so good for filling up five minutes and moving on.

Except I played it for about four hours straight trying to get a perfect score. I livestreamed it to Twitch. Other people SAW. Never again. Never ever again. N – ooh! Color Picker, you say?

In Color Picker you get presented with sets of coloured squares, one of which is slightly different to the others. You advance by identifying and clicking that square. The higher your score creeps, the more minute the difference in colour.

Color Picker was made by developer Peter Lauris as part of the 30 Day Dev challenge and so far it has taken up an hour of my time and I've only managed to score 25. I'm taking this as a comment on my monitor's capabilities rather than my colour vision as an optician recently pronounced my eyeballs to be excellent.

Purple: the colour of STOP ASKING ME ABOUT PURPLE

To put this into some sort of perspective, the RPS leaderboard is currently:

Alec: 26
Pip: 25
Graham: 20
Adam: 15
Ben: 14

I tweeted out to ask how everyone else did and most people were in the late teens and early twenties, however Kate from OXM offered up a high score of 38. Before I had the chance to yell "pics or it didn't happen" she added *cough* tilt the screen back and it's a bit easier *cough*.

Color Picker is part of Lauris's attempt to produce one game a day so it's pretty bare-bones in terms of the interface and depends on you having no problems with colour vision (as you might expect). If you'd like to try a similar game with a colorblind assist mode the aforementioned Color is worth a pop.

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