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Excelsior! Disney Infinity 2.0 Now On PC

'nuff said!

Disney Infinity 2.0 would've been the stuff of dreams when I was a young'un: a game about Marvel superheroes where toys you buy actually become characters in the game. I'd point it out whenever I saw it in a shop window, try to get invited over by friends who had it, circle it in the Argos catalogue before Christmas, then receive something thoughtful but practical because the only video games we could afford were mid-'80s 10-in-1 consoles from car boot sales. Oh boo hoo, you big baby.

2.0 is out on PC now, following its console release in September, is what I'm trying to say.

The client's a free download from here, and doubles as a demo. You can try larking about as Iron Man in an Avengers story, Star Lord in a Guardians of the Galaxy tale, or Spider-Man doing whatever a spider can. It's big chunky cartoony brawling, with platforming, baddie-punching, levelling with skill trees, and happy family fun cutscenes. I played the Avengers demo and sure, 's all right, though its open-world bits have possibly the most uncontrollable motorcycle in the history of video games.

For whatever reason, local co-op is cut from the PC version -- only online here. That seems silly.

It'll cost you £30 to turn that into the full game with a virtual Starter Pack. That's £20 cheaper than console versions, but those do come with toys too. All the physical toys and starter sets come with codes to add their goodies to the virtual PC version, mind. Old Disney-Disney 1.0 characters can come on over too. Virtual heroes are £4, while physical ones look about £12. Crumbs. What an expensive thing this is.

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