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June 2010 Archive

    1. LionFrog: The Making Of Molyneux
    2. Dark Futures Part 2: Emil Pagliarulo
    3. Neatly Embossed: Crysis 2
    4. We Are Watching: Curfew Character Teasers
    5. Mod News: On The Move
    6. Diablo II Is Also Ten Years Old
    1. Numberwang: Portal 2 Part 2. And 3.
    2. Happy New Year: Metro 2034
    3. Dark Futures Part 1: Randy Smith
    4. PC Most Popular Format For Euro Gamers
    5. Wot U Think: APB
    6. Captain Blood Is Not Captain Blood
    7. Tom Chick: The Man Who Hated Deus Ex
    8. Portal 2: Footage (Part 1, Apparently)
    9. A Girl's Plane: Jane's Adv'd Strike Fighters
    10. Neon Cornwall: Leave Home
    1. Wot I Think: War For Cybertron (Singleplayer)
    2. 3D Minesweeper: Be Mine!
    3. It Ain't Coca Cola - It's Rice: Go To Hell
    4. Warm In The Shadows: Darkfall Interview
    5. The World Of Love Report
    6. The One And Only: Singularity Out. Good?
    7. Potters Not Barred: Lego Harry Potter Demo
    8. Didimatic: Easy Way To Follow Steam Sales
    9. Every Cloud: The Silver Lining Lives!
    10. A Monday Morning Cup Of Joe: Easy Joe
    1. Faked Moon Landing: Moonbase Alpha Soon
    2. We Are The Physics: The Physics Dance
    3. Do U Cybr? Blood Of The Cybermen Out
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Emergent Gameplay: Deus Ex Made Me Part 3
    2. Plants Vs Zombies: They Live! Also, Are Live!
    1. Kringmaster: Conspiracy For Good ARG
    2. Who Killed Videogaming Tax Relief?
    3. Interview: Masthead Talk Earthrise
    4. Global Agenda Shoots Sub In Head
    5. Disciples III: Renaissance Releaseitude
    6. Hogwarts And All: Harry Potter Lego Out
    1. APB To Feature Audio Ads
    2. Oh Look, A Massive... Privates Trailer
    3. We're At World Of Love Tomorrow
    4. Emergent Gameplay: Deus Ex Made Me Part 2
    5. A Simon Parkin Special: Cordy
    6. Oh, And Lego Universe
    7. Old Men
    8. A Good Combination: Doodle God
    1. Boxes vs Curves: Counter-Strike Goes OSX
    2. Shockwaves: War For Cybertron PC UK Delay
    3. Emergent Gameplay: Deus Ex Made Me Part 1
    4. It's The Extremely Important Survey!
    5. Medal Of HonoUr: Beta Footage
    6. World Of Love KieronHelposity
    7. Mod News: The Return
    1. The Wealthy Have Always Been The Ones To Profit from one-world government: DX Cheap
    2. Sam & Max: They Stole Max's Brain Released
    3. The Abridged Deus Ex
    4. Daddy
    5. Shattering: The End Of Looking Glass
    6. UK Tax Relief For Game Developers Scrapped
    7. The RPS Verdict: Deus Ex
    8. A Bomb
    9. Untardy: Blood of the Cybermen On Saturday
    10. Happy Deus Ex Day!
    11. Boomtown Rats: Transformice
    12. Getting Civilized: Heroes of Three Kingdoms
    13. Kotick: 70% Of Profit "Non-Console"
    14. Slice And Dice: Swordsman
    1. Sonuva...
    2. War For Cybertron: Cheaty Demo Impressions
    3. Here Is Some More Information About XCOM
    4. Lost In Spatial: Puzzle Dimension
    5. Will There Ever Be A Crusader Kings 2?
    6. Intel Level Up 2010: Shiny Judges!
    7. Deus Ex: HR, Illicit E3 WobbleCam
    8. Eurogamer Retro: Armed & Dangerous
    9. Keeping Its Powder Dry: More Burning Sea
    10. New Folder: Faultline
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Oh. Yes. Lewie Is On Holiday.
    1. Blunt Edge: Tim Langdell Is Suing EA
    2. Would You Adama Eve It: BSG Online
    3. Know Your Enemy: UFO: Alien Invasion 2.3
    4. Pac-Man: Behind The Smile
    5. Do-Tron Tron Tron, Do-Tron Tron: Evolution
    6. Tour De Force: Pro Cycling Manager 2010 Out
    7. PCG Looks At Deus Ex's Rear End
    8. Ace!: Ace Team Announce Rock Of Ages
    9. Getting Kobold: Arcania: Gothic 4 E3 Trailer
    10. Lionheart: Kings' Crusade Features Metal
    11. Frog Prince: Trine 2 Trailer
    1. An Ancient Argument
    2. Iconographic Violence: Dot War
    3. No Alarms: Valve's "Surprise"
    4. APB Statement From Realtime Worlds
    5. Scope It Out: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo
    6. All Conquering: Civilization V
    7. Don't Come Out 2nite: The Curfew
    8. APB Review Embargo Set Week After Release
    9. 235 Free Indie Games In 10 Minutes
    10. G4 Shouts Joyfully At Rage: New Footage
    1. All Right On The Blackest Night: DC Universe
    2. Roll Out The Barrel Demo...
    3. Fiat Flux: Aeon Flux Episodes
    4. Wolpaw & Lombardi Talk About Portal 2
    5. More Falling Out? Fallout Online Teaser Site
    6. I Like It When It Burns A Bit: Atomic Butcher
    7. Black Prophecy Trails Anew
    8. Why I Don't Think XCOM Will Suck
    9. Why I Think XCOM Will Suck
    10. id In Showing Images Of Rage Shocker
    11. Brink Sure Is Colourful: New Images
    12. Showing-Them: Shogun 2 Actual Screenshots
    1. Opposites Attract: Maglev
    2. For Science! Portal 2: The Trailer
    3. Warhammer 40K Online: The First Images
    4. Warhammer 40K Online: The Trailer
    5. RPS Exclusive: XCOM - The First Interview
    6. OnLive Two Days From Launch
    7. Fable III Features Magic, Cannons
    8. SWTOR Trailers: Sith And Hope
    9. Fate And Agency: Rod Humble On The Sims 3
    10. Dogfighter Takes Off. Beta Testers Fly Too.
    11. BFBC2 Visiting In Vietnam
    12. It Is Better To Have Loved And Lost
    13. Suited And Shooted: Crysis 2 Footage
    14. You Scared The Dick Off Me!: Bulletstorm
    1. You & Him: Curing Doctor Who
    2. Ooh: Mass Effect 2 Demo, DLC Tomorrow
    3. Let's All Do The Rohan Rap
    4. Elemental Beta Two, For Pre-Ordererers
    5. Implausotron: Homefront
    6. The WoW: Cataclysm Trailers
    7. Fallout: New Vegas Dated + E3 Trailer
    8. GW2: Get Anything If You Axe Them Nicely
    9. In The Shadow Of Shadow Of The Colossus
    10. Trine 2 Confirmed For PC
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. CT's Kings And Castles Footage
    2. Dead Space 2: First Game Footage
    3. XCOM: The First Trailer
    1. APB 'Key To The City' Massive Key Giveaway
    2. Mafia II World Non-Exclusive E3 Trailer!
    3. Mortal Online Now Living A Life
    4. Sensible Soccer, Foot-to-ball And Me
    5. Jumpgate Evolution Still Evolving
    1. "Leaving Nothing Behind But A Blog Post"
    2. Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Register For Crysis 2 Beta
    3. Why Won't They Die? Death To Spies 3
    4. City of Heroes: Going Rogue Developer Diary
    5. Eurogamer: Deus Ex 3 Features An Escalator
    6. Tomasz Gop Explains The Witcher 2
    7. The Kumar At Number Zero: exp. 0 Out
    8. Apocalypse Ow: Gungirl 2
    1. Searching For Fun: Wikipedia Game
    2. Back To Back To The Future. Also, Dinos.
    3. Sniper, Sniper, Er, Trailering Bright... Sorry.
    4. Valve Time: Portal 2 Slips To 2011
    5. Mod News: End Times
    6. Do Violent Games Create Violent Players?
    7. Russia Sponsors Pro-Russia Games
    8. Lordy: Turbine Talk Free LOTRO
    1. Negativeland: Eversion
    2. Running Up That Hill - L4D: I Hate Mountains
    3. Cleverly Edited Crysis 2 Footage
    4. Is This Respawn's Game's First Screenshot?
    5. Interview: Men Of War: Assault Squad
    6. KRUNDLE BLIND: Serious Sam SE Weirdness
    7. Third BFBC2 Map Pack Makes Me Say "Hmm"
    8. You're A-Scaring Me, My Dear Watson
    1. Cliffski Asks: Why Don't You Buy My Games?
    2. A WASD To The Past - Zelda FPS
    3. NuPics: Red Orchestra- Heroes Of Stalingrad
    4. Hydorah-rah-rah!
    5. Obsidian To Develop Dungeon Siege III
    6. Quinnswatch: Startopia Retrospective
    7. Interview: World Of Tanks (Yes!)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wot I Think: Woodcutter Simulator
    1. Eve Online Alliance Tournament
    2. FEAR 3 Trailer Features Psychic Horror
    3. Are These Deus Ex 3 In Game Shots?
    4. Fallout: New Vegas Trailer Has Mutants In
    5. Red Faction Armageddon's Trailer Is Ok
    1. Ep 3/Half-Life 3 Rumours Appear Like A Ghost
    2. Non-Vanilla Ice-Pick Lodge: Cargo!
    3. Cybr? Deus Ex Human Revolution Trailer
    4. Wot I Think: Alpha Protocol
    5. Lord Of The Rings Online Goes Free-To-Play
    6. Surf this, Charlie - Men of War: Vietnam
    7. Twelve Minutes Of Elemental
    8. Company Of Heroes Online For US In Fall
    9. Darkfall: 14-Day Free Trial
    10. A Climactic Battle: Scoregasm
    11. Shogun 2 Trailer Explained, Plus Art
    1. The Proposition: So, Hey Baby Then...
    2. Messiah Complex Prt 2: Towards Mass Effect 3
    3. Scratching Eyes Out: Blade Kitten
    4. Defense Grid Fills June With Map Packs
    5. Global Agenda "Sandstorm" Enormo-Patch
    1. Killigraphy: Shogun 2: Total War Confirmed
    2. Semi-Live Blog: Doctor Who Adventures
    3. Timely Lord: Dr Who Adventures Out Already
    4. Shattered Horizon Free Weekend
    5. Redefine Your XY Axis: Hey Baby
    6. It's All Kicking Off: Sensational World Soccer
    7. The EGTV Show: The Ratings Debate
    8. Gene Pick-me: Clone Wars Adventures
    9. The Forsooth Saga: Part The Fourth
    10. Mod News: Homework On The Bus
    11. "A Note From Aperture Science"
    12. Interview: Perpetuum Online
    13. Co-Op Spooks: F.THREE.A.R Footage
    1. Why To Test Drive Test Drive Unlimited 2
    2. Further Change / Show Us Your Games
    3. RPS Announces Partnership With Eurogamer
    4. Little Arithmetics: Deus Ex 3 Shots
    5. The Eye-ful Tower Defence: Sanctum