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Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Register For Crysis 2 Beta

That may be too many 'pre's, or it may be too few. I'm just pre-supposing, really. Either way, Crytek are on a recruitment drive for their community / modding site, offering the juicy carrot of possible Crysis 2 beta access.

Only a chance of it, mind.

Basically, official fansite MyCrysis (sounds like a self-help forum) is going offline tomorrow. Only for a little while, though - it's back, baby, back later the same day, and will fling open the doors to new registrations. The early ones will be 'tracked', and in with a chance of 'winning' beta access to the upcoming shooter sequel.

To be more specific, "Early registrations will be tracked, and our first wave of users will have a chance to win a key as and when the Crysis 2 beta takes place. All you need to do is sign up early and one day in the near future you may be receiving a mail with an invite to the game."

"A chance." "To win." "One day." "Near future. "May be." It couldn't be more vague, but there you go. Hopefully there'll be various other ways into the beta once it's more concrete.

Oh, and you can also win a mouse. I hate mice. I've got 'orrible RSI because of one. Have to take ibuprofen four times a day until it goes away. So boring. Fortunately, you can buy these great huge tubs of the stuff in America for about 50p, which was probably the highlight of my trip to see Homefront in New York last week (the preview of which is turning up on Eurogamer tomorrow.).

Actually, the guy walking barefoot through Central Park, wearing nothing but a dirty wedding dress on his body and an angry-looking grey parrot on his head, was probably the highlight.

Oh yes, Crysis 2. Did we show you this trailer yet? I'm going to put it in anyway.

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