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A Climactic Battle: Scoregasm

You know what I like? A nice bit of quiet. Not silence - that's for creepy people. But a quiet sit down, some nice music, maybe a good book. Just imagine it. Think about sitting down with your feet up, a favourite song floating around you, as you thumb through the pages of a gentle story. It's Tuesday afternoon, but you've got the week off work. No responsibilities, no pressures on your time, and a week of sunny calm stretching out in front of you. Mmmmmm. Now please watch the nine minutes of footage from Scoregasm, below:

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Thanks to Lewie, who spotted this on Indiegames, for making me a bit scared to go to bed. Watching it frightens me. Most of my life is spent with too much to do and not enough time to get it done in. Deadlines, meetings, forms to fill in, taxes to get done, the phone ringing, a screen of IM windows asking me to do something... MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT ALL STOP!

Or you might see a really extraordinary looking shoot-em-up from Charlie's Games. It's an intense, migraine-threatening frenzy, which focuses on combos (in a game called Scoregasm, shouldn't they be called "multiples"?) for successful high scores. Here's details on that:

Building up your combo meter does a variety of things, including powering up your shots, adding extra weaponry and increasing the size of your death sphere! Also, each level has different combo targets, which if met will open up exits to new levels in the galaxy.

If you hit a combo target, the level goes into Scoregasm frenzy mode, and extends 10 seconds! depending on which target you hit, you’ll either get a regular frenzy, or a Super Frenzy – where every enemy you kill turns into a love heart.

Charlie is hoping to get the game finished for the end of Summer this year, but the beta can be bought for $15 right now. Or you can pay $10 now as a pre-order and get it when it's released.

We have, of course, mentioned Charlie before. Last year he released the quite remarkable Space Phallus. Let us not forget that. You can also get his game Irukandji for "whatever you want(ish)" - the minimum price is a dollar.

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