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Non-Vanilla Ice-Pick Lodge: Cargo!

They're back. Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of previous art-pop-powerhouses like Pathologic and The Void return, with a new game that should be with us before the end of the year. With only a press-release and some art, it's hard to get a handle on it - but it's a radical aesthetic inversion from its none-more-gloomy predecessors. It promises to blend a game with a musical-featuring carnival and hint of the resource-management of some of their previous games, centering around collecting the concentrated happiness element known as FUN. And if that isn't a meta-gag about people's usual critique of their games - "Where's the fun!?!" - I'll be very surprised. I'm showing the whole press-release below, because it's a work of art and ambition. Can't wait to see more, Ice-Pick.

Lace Mamba Global joins forces with Ice-Pick Lodge and announce Lace Mamba Global joins forces with Ice-Pick Lodge and announce Cargo! for worldwide release!

After the resounding success of Ice-Pick Lodge's The Void released in 2009, Lace Mamba Global and Ice-Pick Lodge have once again united for the release of brand new PC game, Cargo!, a beautiful and innovative third person game which is due to hit shelves in Q4 2010.

Cargo! is an unusual genre of videogame, an absurd comedy with musical numbers and dancing in the atmosphere of a mad carnival! An original game which boasts a unique and distinctive visual style and an interesting plot with a "false bottom". Players will explore a fantastical world as new locations are revealed as the player advances in storyline. The only limit is your own imagination!

Ice-Pick Lodge founded in 2001, is well known amongst the gaming community for its innovative and artistic style and for creating deeply intellectual games. Ice Pick Lodge CEO Nikolay Dybowski describes their determination "to transform video games in to, essentially a new form of art, deserving to take its proper place among literature, cinema and drama."

Jason Codd of Lace Mamba Global is thrilled to have Cargo! in their catalogue for 2010 and comments Lace Mamba Global is dedicated to innovation in gaming which is why we love working with developers like Ice Pick Lodge. There are some real gems out there and Lace Mamba Global has a great track record of finding them! We're pleased to announce that our newest gem comes in the form of Cargo! and we can't wait for the world to experience the unique, beautiful world that Ice Pick Lodge have created.


Cargo! storyline:

Our world is beginning to drift apart in all directions, like balloons. People, buildings, mountains, trees and entire islands rise into the sky. Items with weight become the most valuable on the planet. But there is hope! FUN, the magical extract of concentrated happiness, returns weight to items.

The source of FUN is suddenly discovered on a mysterious archipelago. Two reckless smugglers head there with a cargo of priceless machine parts that by miracle retained their weight, to trade them for FUN.

The Archipelago was created as a base for a new world after the Gods decided that the human race should be replaced after the human egoism led the planet to collapse. The Gods main task now is to inject more happiness into the world!

Since then however, the gods' skills have become out dated, their calculations were misguided and their goals have became unclear. They wanted the world to be held together with happiness... but forgot about FUN!

The gods were confused and frustrated, but haven't lost hope. Now they want to fix their mistakes and start again and turn Archipelago into the world they had dreamed of, with the help of a hero.

Unfortunately, our hero's mechanical brain needs some maintenance and she is now taking the new world and its Gods further into the depths of despair!

In order to stop them and aid our hero you must invent and build contraptions from the junk yards that litter the land. You must save the world by land, air and sea. By completing engineering tasks, set by a varied cast of pleasant and unpleasant characters, the hero will advance through the storyline and try to discover:

-Where the FUN comes from and what is it for?

-Why everything on Earth began to lose its weight?

-Who are the brats and what they're worthy for?

-Who are the Gods are and what was their plan?

-How to fix our world!

Let's hope that it's not cargo! pants.

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