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APB 'Key To The City' Massive Key Giveaway

APB's Key To The City event launches tomorrow. We've got the trifling matter of 50,000 keys to give away. Yes, we didn't get the zeros wrong.

If you were a subscriber to RPS you'd have heard about this a while back and been guaranteed to have gotten one before the rush. And now, everyone else in the universe gets a go.

So if you want a key to play Realtime World's APB Key To The City open beta from tomorrow, you need to CLICK RIGHT HERE. Stick in your email address, and until we run out of keys you should receive an email within an hour letting you know your key. Once you've done that, make sure to check out APB's site from tomorrow morning to see details of when the beta goes live. We're told 9am is a sensible time to check, whichever side of the Atlantic you're on.

EDIT: We are assured by Realtime Worlds that EU codes should work for Rest Of World. Some are reporting they are not. Definitely try choosing EU and inserting an EU code. We are hearing stories of success too. US and EU definitely work.

EDIT 2: Canadians who did not receive US keys, please try again now. Every IP get 2 goes anyway. Sorry about this oversight.

Here's some details about APB, just in case you've somehow missed the news about Realtime World's online world of crime and punishment:

Imagine a living, breathing, modern city. Put this city online and populate it with thousands of players. Their mission: to gain fame and fortune, fast.

Many will become Criminals, supporting themselves by feeding on the citizens of San Paro. Others will choose to join the Enforcers – and feed on the Criminals.

Imagine joining in. Which side will you pick? How will you play? The choice is yours.

Key features:

• Experience fast-paced third-person action in a persistent online multiplayer world
• Earn money, clothing, weapons, and cars as you play
• Customize your character to achieve a unique look
• Master the radically different styles of gameplay; Criminal and Enforcer
• Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters and designs
• Become known as San Paro’s premier car thief, clothing designer, “death theme” musician, or assassin.

If you've clicked you may be rather astonished to see how awesome our key distribution page is. This is thanks to the excellent 'frog', and the fine folks at Dark Water Studios. It's so magical that despite the game being region specific, it will have automagically identified where you are and sent the appropriate key! They are best.

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