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Pole-Vaulting The Shark: APB Vendetta Kickstarter

In today's game news from another universe: Modern Warfare's sensitive depiction of the banality of combat has prompted the Pulitzer committee to add a video games category. Half-Life 3's midnight launch also brought with it Steam 2. And APB, the most populated and well-received action-MMO of its generation, spawning a cultural revolution and raising gaming to the highest artform, has a sister game in production: the action multiplayer shooter known as APB Vendetta.

Check your cats aren't dogs and that black isn't white. Is up still up? If it's down, the fact that there's another APB game might make sense. The game that killed a company dead has a Specialists-inspired multiplayer shooter follow-up. I've no idea of the value of that IP, but whenever it's brought up, all I can think of is job losses and the very public collapse of a promising developer.

And with that out the way let's look at the game. It's an FPS with wall-jumps, dives, slides, slow-motion, and bird attacks, set in APB's San Paro. You use movement combos to boost your score. APB's customisation options are present, enabling the player to dual-weild any combination of weapons. Didn't they just describe Brink? Here's the Kickstarter pitch.

HOWEVER! There is also this unloved Kickstarter from the actual developers of The Specialists. It's still a mod, so the game is free for everyone no matter what. I would be remiss to not push them, given how Reloaded cites them as an inspiration. And it's called Double Action Boogaloo. And they have a playable alpha to download.

My cat just barked! And I don't even have a cat!

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