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Is This Respawn's Game's First Screenshot?

No, of course not. It's something I scribbled in GIMP in a couple of minutes. But we'll apparently have concrete information on "something" soon. GamesIndustry.biz report that the Ex-Infinity Ward group Respawn Entertainment will be up to something at E3. "big time announcement at E3 next week. stay tuned, kiddies!" they say on facebook, showing a Walker-worrying contempt for capitalisation. I'm actually not sure what to expect from a team who've existed for so short a span. I can't see more than the game's title and rough genre, and I doubt any imagery even as good as mine will be put out there. Hell, we'd be lucky with a logo. Or it could be the sort of Big Time Announcement which is more of interest to industry watchers than gamers, like some manner of media deal or major hires. Or maybe they've made up with Activision and are best buddies again. Well, let's be honest. I suspect that's as unlikely as whatever they're working on being an FPS is likely.

EDIT: 1UP are reporting sources close to Respawn that this Facebook account is a fraud, despite the fact it's existed for months with no censure - or identification that it's fake - from Respawn. You almost admire the long-game played by - if it proves to be true - the account fakers. Do something vaguely credible for months at a time just to have one moment of lying. Which does nothing to excuse our culpability, of course. It's an interesting thing, this E3 season.

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