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Kringmaster: Conspiracy For Good ARG

Heroes creator/murderer Tim Kring has revealed his next project - an alternative reality game. The idea is, essentially, an interactive TV show - yer timeless wotsit of good and evil, which participants (i.e. you) observe, interact with and even shape as it happens. Exciting! And hopefully nothing at all like Heroes season 2-4.

"The story is not a $4 million per episode television show that comes to your screen," said the small-bearded, flinty-eyed man. "It’s a narrative that comes at you from multiple directions and allows you to stand at the center and be a part of it."

To whit, it's the tale of the Conspiracy for Good, an ages-old bunch of niceness advocates, and their clash with environment-bullying megacorp Blackwell Briggs. “I think there’s a “cool factor” to being involved in something that’s sort of a secret society and a clandestine operation against an evil corporation," said the pullover-wearing, thin-faced man.

Even Wikipedia's in on the gag already, with the current draft of the Conspiracy For Good page trying to make fact fiction. There are arguments. There always arguments on Wikipedia.

There will also be live action events, in That London Town. Scavenger hunts and stuff, apparently.

Most of all, though, there'll be tons of stuff on the official site. Starting with this video:

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