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Happy New Year: Metro 2034

Nearly Good shooter Metro 2033 is to recieve a sequel, Metro 2034. If you missed the first 2032 Metro games, I suspect it's a bit too late to catch-up now. Where have you been?

So yes, a sequel to last year's impressively moody but slightly annoying under-tunnel shooter. THQ's Danny Bilson said so, and that they could make it cheaply. That is all.

That is all.


I have literally no more information about the game, so frankly I don't know why you're still reading. You're still here? Really? How long are you going to stick this out? Do you genuinely think I'm going to say something else useful about the game? Honestly? What's wrong with you?

Oh, alright. It's in 3D, as in the silly bollocks with the glasses and the special (i.e. expensive) monitors/televisions. I love technology, me. But I really couldn't give a monkey's surly uncle about 3D. Is this because a) I have a mild stigma that prevents me from seeing 3D as acutely as others do b) I'm a sulky idiot or c) honestly, c'mon, 3D?

Oh, alright once more. Honestly, I know nothing at all about Metro 2034 bar its intended existence, but when I spoke to Bilson myself about Homefront a month or so back, he was incredibly bullish about every forthcoming THQ game being mega-blockbuster territory, and there being no room to not be successful. No B-list games allowed, essentially.

So, regardless of Metro 2033's pulled punches and general weirdness, I suspect this follow-up will be production-valued up to the nines, aimed at the massest of mass audiences there is. My money would, in fact, be on this being a reboot/relaunch of the IP rather than a straight sequel as such.

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