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Metro 2033 Redux is free on Epic today

Worth grabbing!

Well, the gifts start coming and they don't stop coming. The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is Metro 2033 Redux, the revamped version of the spooky shooter set in post-apocalyptic Soviet subways. The game was already a good'un in 2010, then 2014's Redux fancied up its looks and improved bits like the stealth so yeah, worth getting.

You have until 4pm (8am Pacific) Wednesday to grab Metro 2033 Redux free for keepsies from the Epic Games Store. After that, another game will take the freebie spot in the Epic Holiday Sale's 15 days of freebies. This one's worth nabbing.

If you played the original and are wondering if it's worth going through again with this freebie, see our Metro Redux review.

"Most notably, the stealth in 2033 Redux is now blessedly stealthier," Chris Livingston explained. "Just because one enemy detects evidence of your skulking doesn’t mean every single one of them will psychically know where to pinpoint you from then on. Even after blowing a stealth run, you have a chance to melt back into the shadows and reposition, or quickly neutralize the enemies who spotted you before they can alert the others. It makes for more satisfying sneaking and the A.I. is both better and more forgiving."

Do be sure to grab Brigador free from GOG too. That giveaway runs until Christmas Day.

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