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Fiat Flux: Aeon Flux Episodes

This stand-alone fan-project caught my eye because an Ex of mine was vaguely into the cartoon and she never got around to actually showing it me. Hell, I totally forgot they made it into a film a few years ago. So Aeon Flux Episodes is the closest I'll get. Anyway - this is very much in the line of Prince of Persia/Another World/Flashpoint and in its adult-if-stilted platforming. Lots of points for style though, with the foreground and background elements moving around and a low-leaning difficulty to let you mow down masses of the opposition with dual-wielded guns. Pointing in both directions. That's the way to do it. My main reservation is that the checkpoints are a long, long way apart and when extreme falls are insta-deaths, it can lead to a disconcerting level of back-tracking - especially when the game, generally speaking, is an easy ride. The site lists various places you can get its 60Mb form from but ModDB is probably the easiest. And the trailer follows which shows lots of nifty stuff I didn't get to...

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