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Running Up That Hill - L4D: I Hate Mountains

I thought about doing an "Is this Left 4 Dead 3?" gag-headline to follow-up Kieron's GIMPery, but then I realised the entire internet would probably come and burn my house down.

This'll still be a little contentious, probably - the release of fan campaign (fanpaign?) I Hate Mountains is being heralded as "the first day anyone has played L4D1 in over half a year." That's what a guy on Moddb says anyway, the big joker.

Infamously (seriously, infamously - nobody needs to leave another massive comment about it. WE ALL KNOW), there hasn't been much DLC for L4D1, though it's possible the impending prequel to The Passing will be meaty. To fill the gap, various fan-made campaigns have sprung up, and I Hate Mountains appears one of the most substantial. It's been over a year in the making, and from some of the people behind the ambitious (if divisive) Portal Prelude - who claim "pushing the very limits of the Left 4 Dead engine to make room for all our ideas." Custom effects aplenty, they say.

Those are words. These are moving pictures:

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You get five chapters, all of which take place in predominantly outdoor environments - hence the mother nature-baiting title. There's a helicopter at one point too, it seems. Helichoppers! 267Mb all-told, and here.

I've got it downloading, but not looked yet due to spending every spare minute fruitlessly flat-hunting in Brighton, but I do hope you'll tell me whether or not I should. Seems to have picked up admirers, but never forget: YOU CAN'T TRUST THE INTERNET.

This does look like a giggle, though - and apparently there's a L4D2 version in the works.

[Thanks, Andy Barnes.]

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