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Would You Adama Eve It: BSG Online

OK, let's do some catching up. PC news at E3 got pretty swamped by the various console hardware announcements and a rather nasty case of multiplatform sequelitis. But with the bulk of the shouting out the way, I can cheerfully mix my metaphors and wade through the dying embers of this oncoming storm where angels fear to tread.

By which I mean "here are the trailers you should probably watch." To start off, here's Battlestar Galactica Online...

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That's pretty much your classic "we're not going to tell you anything about the game" trailer, but I'd be lying if it didn't press a few fanboy buttons in me. The Battlestar remake's low-down'n'dirty sci-fi was enormously pleasing, so the idea of something that revisits that and ignores all the God Did It nonsense the show later propped itself up with is rather appealing.

While the trailer's not terribly illuminating, a quick scour turns up these facts:
- Browser-based!
- Free to play with premium (or, to use human language, "paid") content!
- Ship-based combat only, initially at least!
- Free flying!
- Unity engine!
- An economy, including mining!
- Play as human or cylon!
- Set around season 2 of the show, so not too much prophecy crap!
- Norwegian MMO studio Artplant!
- "Coming soon" - the E3 briefings showed tech demos!

Tantalising, certainly. Much depends on how the paid content thing works, but a sort of baby Eve based upon an adored sci-fi lore isn't such a bad idea. Definitely looking forward to trying, and the whole full-blown 3D MMO in a browser element is rather compelling too.

There are no details here, but it's probably a URL you want to keep an eye on in case sign-ups open up.

I'm particularly hoping that the top-level human ability will be "plunge dramatically through atmosphere in a ball of fire, rescue the entirety of humanity then FTL-jump to orbit."

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