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April 2013 Archive

    1. Wot I Think: Eador – Masters of a Broken World
    2. Chapter & Verse Of Space Hulk
    3. Jump Scare City: Cry Of Fear
    4. Eve Tenth Anniversary 'Origins' Video Is Nebulous
    5. Neverwinter's Open Beta Live - Help Start The RPS Guild!
    6. Wot I Think: Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon
    7. GTA V In Cars, Guns, Strippers & Posturing Shocker
    8. Where Eager Devs Dare: Lose Yourself To Ludum 26
    9. More Than Meets The Eye: The Unseen
    10. Mark Jacobs Explains Camelot Unchained
    11. Satan Your Curiosity About Techland's Hellraid
    12. Payback: Game Dev Tycoon Fights Piracy With Piracy
    13. Half Life 2 Magnifici-Mod MINERVA, The Director's Cut
    14. Anomaly 2 Deviates From The Common Rule
    15. Hexagonal: Notch Releases New Thing Called Drop
    16. Bruce Begins, Conroy Ends: Arkham - Origins Gallery
    1. Sojourn 'Em Up: Walden, A Game
    2. Command Shrine: Memory Of A Broken Dimension
    3. Merc With A Release Date: Deadpool
    4. SWTOR Bolsters Customization With Cat People
    5. Barking: Watch Dogs Release Date, Trailer
    6. Limit Theory Prototype Shows Space RTS Awesome
    7. Break It Down: Fragment
    8. Cardboard Children: Blood Bowl
    9. Van Helsing's Adventures Include Ghost Companion
    10. Hands-On: Knights of Pen And Paper +1
    11. BARF: River City Ransom Sequel Incoming
    12. Infiniter Than Before: Infinite Crisis
    13. A Planetside 2 Wish Comes True
    14. There Is Going To Be A TV Show About EVE Online
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - April 28th 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Mars From Spiders: Mars War Logs Out Now
    2. Drown With The Ship: Resident Evil Rev's Horror Heritage
    3. The Witch Is Dead: Witcher 3 Multiplayer Off The Table
    4. Yeesh: Rumors Suggest Major Trouble In Thief Land
    5. Wot I Think: Poker Night 2
    6. Eve's Virtual Reality Dogfighting Is EVR
    7. EVE Fanfest Brings World Of Darkness Updates
    1. Hands On: Among The Sleep
    2. Camelot Unchained Has One Week Remaining
    3. Trade Paperback Writer: Scribblenauts DC
    4. Wot I Think: Don't Starve
    5. Real-Time Hot: Wargame Airland Battle Dated, Beta
    6. The Other Left: Arma 3's Multiplayer Teamwork Trailer
    7. Hardware's Creators Give Us Reasons To Be Excited
    8. Many Minutes Of DayZ Devs Talking Zombo-Doom
    9. Rash Decisions: Ride To Hell - Route 666
    10. The Flare Path: Beyond Visual Range
    11. Speedfreak: Goscurry Is Simple, Rhythmic Excellence
    12. Hurrah! - Defense Grid 2 Funded By Secret Investor
    13. The Truth Is In Here: The Bureau - XCOM Declassified
    14. Brock And Fold: Poker Night 2
    15. Eight Lasery, Lizardy Mins Of Blood Dragon's Open World
    1. Yikes: Reports Put EA Layoffs In The Hundreds
    2. Wot I Think: Star Trek - The Videogame
    3. Ernst And Jung: Zeno Clash 2
    4. Wood Curdling Screams: Lumber Island
    5. Death Discorporated: Ambient Studios To Close
    6. The Silence: Deep Silver Hiding From Torsogate
    7. Settling For Less: Banished
    8. Making A Splash: Nvidia's Real-Time Fluid Physics
    9. Dicey: Unofficial Battlefield 3 Custom Server/Mod Tool
    10. Week in Tech: Why PC Monitors Aren't Going to Get Better
    11. Super Meta Boy: Concerned Joe
    12. Some Ambiguous Details For Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer
    13. Remembered Realms: Neverwinter's Beta Starts Today-ish
    14. EA Partners Rumoured To Be Breaking Up
    15. Born Three: Bret Airborne Is An Airship Match-3 RPG
    1. Wot I Think: Dead Island: Riptide
    2. I Dream Of Eating: Do Play Don't Starve
    3. That Much-Delayed 2k Marin Shooter Is Not An EXCOM
    4. Real-Time Collaborative Game Making: CraftStudio
    5. Have PETA Seen Guild Wars 2: Rytlock's Critter Rampage?
    6. Post-Modern - 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Busted
    7. Totally Teutoburgic: Tons Of Rome II In-Game Footage
    8. Star Trek Out In The States, Slowly Crossing Space Oceans
    9. Wot I Think: Monaco
    10. Maximum Graphicsability: CryEngine Aids Industrial Design
    11. Stay Awhile And Listen With 40 Seeds
    12. Starting Over: Windows 8 To DeScrewUpify Itself?
    13. Metro: Last Light Gives Hygiene, Murder Advice
    14. Then There Were Pyramids: AC III's Washington DLC Ends
    15. Deus Excess - E.Y.E. Gets Free PVP Update
    1. Wot I Think: Kairo
    2. RPS Asks: What MMOs Are You Playing?
    3. The Long And Brainy Road: An Organ Trail Diary Part 4
    4. Was It Born Ready? Strike Suit Infinity Arrives April 30th
    5. Space Shooter Meets Metroidvania In A.N.N.E
    6. Zantor The Barbarian's: Dark Quest
    7. Jagged Alliance: Flashback Now Singing For Its Supper
    8. So Get Your Ural Truck And Go
    9. Get A New Mouse: Redwall Game Is Go (Again)
    10. The Best Idea: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship
    11. Watch This, Please: GDC's #1ReasonToBe Panel
    12. Elemental: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes: May
    13. Down And (Fall) Out: Grimlands Kickstarter Canceled
    14. Relic Foresees 'Strong Possibility' Of More Dawn Of War
    15. Dyad Out April 24th, Child Blamed For Delay
    1. And Everything Else From THQ Went To... Nordic Games?
    2. Cardboard Children: Ninja - How Games Can Fail
    3. And Homeworld Went To... Gearbox?
    4. Right Here: Nowhere
    5. It's Your Turn: TBT: The Black Tower
    6. It's The Gunpoint Gadget Show
    7. Hands On: Call Of Juarez - Gunslinger
    8. A Sorry Blight: Riptide's Torso Returns
    9. NaissanceE Is Ambiently Atmospheric Architecture
    10. A Trailer For The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot For You
    11. Saturnalian: The First Planetary Annihilation Footage
    12. The Power Of Silence: Why The SimCity Story Went Away
    13. Somebody Bought Homeworld, But Who?
    14. Another Game Squeezes Into Minecraft: Quakecraft
    15. Jetpack It All In Come July: Firefall Open Beta
    16. The Brothers Gibs: God Mode Released
    17. Travel Without Moving: TF2 VR On A Treadmill
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – April 21st 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Long And Brainy Road: An Organ Trail Diary Part 3
    1. Wot I Think: Starseed Pilgrim
    2. Pummel Panau: Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Test Weekend
    3. PC Version Of Dark Souls II Ain't No Port
    4. Among The Sleep Wakes Up Screaming For A Kickstarter
    5. Wot I Think: Surgeon Simulator 2013
    6. The Evil Within Trailer Is Within
    7. 20,000 Leagues Above The Clouds Announced
    8. Sir, You Are Being Revealed In A New Video Series
    9. The Flare Path: Indecent Proposal
    10. Game In A Game: Super Mari-CS:GO
    11. Subspace Communication: Redshirt Interview
    12. On The Hunt For Infinity
    13. RunRabbitRun Is Great, Has Made My Hand Hurt
    14. Big Is Beautiful: Monster Hunter Online Trailer
    1. Wot I Think - Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall
    2. Imp-rove Impire With Some Free DLC
    3. Wot I Think: Papo & Yo
    4. Week in Tech: Intel Overclocking, Bonkers-Wide Screens
    5. Schtick Fury: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
    6. I Need To Be Playing Rogue Legacy Right Now
    7. Monaco's Trailer Has Stolen My Heart
    8. Ecotone Is Very, Very Lovely
    9. Consortium Wins Its Space Race On Kickstarter
    10. Mods And Droxers: Drox Operative SDK Released
    11. The Long And Brainy Road: An Organ Trail Diary Part Two
    12. Legends Of Aethereus' Combat Looks MEATY
    13. Godly: Reus Gets May Releus Date
    14. It's Noisy On Mars - New Mars: War Logs Trailer
    1. Project: Willy (Snigger) Is A (Snigger) Kinect Game For PC
    2. Eighteen New Games You Already Knew About Greenlit
    3. You're The Boat Boss: Leviathan's Smoooooooth Moves
    4. Fract OSC Trailer Is Quite The Thing
    5. A Gaming Miasma: Plazma Being
    6. Hawken's Next Update Is A Great Healer
    7. Smashing Dolphins: Planet Punch Redefines Self-Loathing
    8. The Best Competition Ever. EVER. EVVVVVVERRRRRRR
    9. Squad Chat: Jagged Alliance - Flashback Interview
    10. Is Nothing: Sacred Citadel Out Now
    11. Ashes Cricket 2013 Trailer Changes Everything
    12. Rising Higher: Guns Of Icarus Online Kickstarter II
    13. Please Watch This Dumb Blood Dragon Live-Action Short
    14. Sir You Artyom Being Hunted - Metro: LL's Baddies
    1. Wot I Think: Trials Evolution Gold Edition
    2. How Ron Gilbert Would/Wouldn't Remake Monkey Island
    3. Wot I Think: Anodyne
    4. Broken British Tax Breaks For Games
    5. Impressions: Communist Document Thriller Papers, Please
    6. Some Epic Mickey News: Castle of Illusion Remade
    7. Get Your Endzone To Rezzed Or It'll Be War For An Eternity
    8. Put The Bunnies In The Box: Mayhem Triple
    9. Hands-On: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
    10. Hurrah: Company Of Heroes 2 Kinda In Open Beta
    11. The Truth Is Somewhere: XCOM Shooter Videos, Site Gone
    12. Endless Spaceships: Mok Force
    13. Not Dragon It Out: Bethesda Declares Skyrim Done
    14. Arisen: 18 Minutes Of Rise Of The Triad Multiplayer
    1. Spelling It Out: Worlds Of Magic Interview
    2. Silent Kill: Splinter Cell - Blacklist
    3. Wot I Think: Evoland
    4. Cardboard Children: The Fairgrounds
    5. Nature's Gonna Hate: Shelter
    6. State Of Decay Will Be Undead From June
    7. Chasm Kickstarts ARPG Ambitions With A Demo
    8. Attractio Is A Companion To All Cubes
    9. In Slow Time: Mineral Cities
    10. The Long And Brainy Road: An Organ Trail Diary
    11. The Star's The Star: Star Conflict
    12. Arcen's Next Game Is Skyward Collapse
    13. !: Neptune's Pride II!
    14. More For Your MOBA: Prime World
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - April 14th 2013
    2. Love Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Friendliest Free Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Spec Ops, FC3 Writers On What's Next, Futurism, BioShock
    3. Paradise Lost: Test Drive, V-Rally Dev Eden Shut Down
    4. Starbound Pre-Orders Prove Somewhat Popular
    5. MMOTCG - Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft In Action
    6. Road Rash (Kinda) Returns: Road Redemption
    1. Wot I Think: Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves
    2. Watch This Space Ape: Noomix
    3. A Space Walk: Good Morning, Commander
    4. Eve Timeline Thing Is Impressive Work
    5. Magrunner Devs Craft Their Game With Love
    6. A Pulse-Pounding, Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Round-Up
    7. Death Inc Brings Us A Paid Alpha Thing!
    8. The Flare Path: Longing For The Short Form
    9. Impressions: Civ V – Brave New World
    10. Hyperspace Pinball Is Free On Desura For A While
    11. 2 Fast 2 Freerious: Ridge Racer Going F2P With Driftopia
    12. Thanks, Purple Planetside People!
    13. It's No Blood Dragon, But: BLOPS 2 Adds Mobster Zombies
    14. Ballpoint Universe Is Mad, Gorgeous, Entirely Hand-Drawn
    15. What Could Have Been: Paragon Nearly Bought Itself
    1. Wot I Think - StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Singleplayer
    2. Kerbal Space Program & Cubeman 2 DLC Now Free
    3. Remember The Time: Flashback Remake
    4. Prepare To Die Harder: Dark Souls II
    5. First-Person Game Teaches Java As Magic!
    6. Foundering: Lost Planet 3 Delayed
    7. No Daud About It: Dishonored - Knife Of Dunwall DLC
    8. Forecast: Lasers - ShootMania Storm Out Now
    9. Hey Now, You're A: Wildstar Beta Begins
    10. Spec Ops, FC3 Writers On Art, Treating Players Intelligently
    11. Kung-Fu Kidnapping: Age Of Wushu Now Live
    12. As PC Gaming Keeps Climbing, Hardware Sales Down
    13. Space Hulk Studio To Make Turn-Based Jagged Alliance
    14. Hands On: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    15. Because Why Not: Total War Has The Biggest Screenshot
    1. Hands On: Retro Cyberpunk Comedy Jazzpunk
    2. A-Okay: Awesomenauts Updated With Aiguillon
    3. Tomorrow's Planetside 2 Call To Arms
    4. Sometimes They Come Back: RF Online 1.5
    5. Hutt Hutt! The Old Republic's Scum & Villainy 2.0
    6. Updated: LoL's Still The Biggest MOBA In Town
    7. Thrust-N-Slide: Flowstorm
    8. Divinity's Original Win
    9. Strike Vector Has Transforming Cowboy Space Planes
    10. Life After Aliens: TimeGate's Minimum
    11. Interviewforge: Codehatch Explain Starforge
    12. Will You Blendo? Latest Humble Weekly Is A Smasher
    13. It Lives! - Project Eternity In Motion
    14. Hmmm: Shadowrun Won't Be Entirely DRM-Free After All
    15. FireShock Infinite: No-One Has To Die
    1. Fire Away: Spec Ops, Far Cry 3 Writers On Criticizing FPS
    2. Station To Station: Cities In Motion 2 Out Now
    3. Impressions: Eador – Masters Of The Broken World
    4. Decor Never Changes: Metro - Last Light's World
    5. Back In Bat: Arkham Origins Does Year One, Sort Of
    6. Oh So Square: Cubemen 2
    7. Wanna Show Your Game At Rezzed? Perhaps You Can!
    8. So This Is Garry's Mod In Space
    9. Far-Fetched Cry: A Half Hour Of Blood Dragon Footage
    10. The Buttocks Of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
    11. Analogue: An Even More Hateful Story - Hate Plus
    12. Hands On: Spellirium Alpha
    13. Wander Is About Collaborative Exploration, Tree People
    14. Parodeus: Pippin Barr's Brilliant Mumble Indie Bungle
    15. No One Lives Forever Rights Nowhere To Be Found
    1. Hands On: Thunder Wolves
    2. Worlds Of Magic Hopes To Master Kickstarter
    3. Make It Magnificent: Atomic
    4. Rage Unterror: The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
    5. It's War, Again! Planetside 2 Call To Arms For RPS
    6. Pew-Pew And All Those Noises: Thunder Wolves
    7. A Falling Out: Grimlands Dusts Off Kickstarter
    8. Aeronautomobiles: Distance Has Flying Cars
    9. Dead Shark Triplepunch's Epigenesis' Unreal Live Win
    10. British Invasion: Shroud Of The Avatar Raises $2 Million
    11. Martian On: Lifeless Planet Trailer, Release Postponed
    12. Hard Choices: Ask AMD Part 2, The Answers
    13. Has Biehn: Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon Out May 1st
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. About A Girl: Assorted Thoughts On Bioshock Infinite
    2. Misogyny, Sexism, And Why RPS Isn't Shutting Up
    3. Raven's Cry's Lead Is Actually Named Christopher Raven
    4. Anti-Shock: Torment Now Most-Funded KS Game Ever
    5. Journal Is An Adventure About Relationships, Not Puzzles
    6. Notch Yet: 0x10c On Hold, Won't Release Unless It's Fun
    7. Harsh Surreality: Papo & Yo PC-Bound On April 18th
    1. Gaming Made Me: Another World
    2. Remember Me Fights To Be Unforgettable
    3. Tomb Raider Thoughts From A Lara Newbie
    4. Eye Spy: Signal Ops Out Now
    5. Red Orchestra 2 Free Weekend, Map Splendour, OSX
    6. Kickstars: Infinite Space 3 - Sea Of Stars
    7. Murder On The Murder Floor: Survivor Squad
    9. The Flare Path: Is A Little Partisan
    10. Lucas Smarts: Jedi Knight 2 And 3 Source Code Released
    11. The Awesomeness Of Head-Mounted Displays
    12. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Totally Bonkers, An Actual Thing
    13. Of Bikes And Men: Deep Silver's Ride To Hell Resurfaces
    14. Fly Me To The: Moon-Controlling Lune Looks Stunning
    1. Obsidian's Avellone On Torment, KOTOR 2, Alpha Protocol
    2. Summer of Science: The Royal Society Game Jam
    3. The Freefarers Of Catan: Expanze Impressions
    4. Telltale Ends Its Quest For A King's Quest Revival
    5. The Vigor Of Oz: Bishock Infinite's Wizardly Parallels
    6. Stalk Them: Survarium After Alpha Testers
    7. Game Industry Gender Wage Gap Is Horrendous
    8. First Look: Thief
    9. Thank You: LoL's Sejuani Gets Sensible Redesign
    10. How Jason Rohrer Won The Game Design Challenge
    11. RIP LucasArts: An Obituary
    12. CD Projekt: The Witcher 3 Multiplayer Hardly Set In Stone
    13. Hail To The Thief: Monaco Coming Later This Month
    14. Thorful: Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods Dev Diaries
    1. GDC 2013: A Worrisome, Hopeful Contradiction
    2. Ping Arthur: Camelot Unchained
    3. Wot I Think: Perspective
    4. Vader "Noooo", Etc: Disney Closing LucasArts
    5. Dying Of The Light: Doom 4 & Rage 2's Alleged Woes
    6. Instadamn: DreadOut Demo
    7. Mouse And Keyboard: Ghost Of A Tale
    8. Logic Noir: Ir/rational Investigator
    9. Army Of Laughness: Telltale Games' Poker Night 2
    10. Why Thief Russelled Up A Different Voice Actor
    11. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games
    12. The Organ Trail: Director's Cut Is Really Quite The Thing
    13. And Now There's In-Game Torment Footage, Too
    14. Maybe SimCity's Balance-Breaking Ad DLC Isn't All Bad
    15. Go Wild: Torchlight II Gets Mod Tools, Workshop Support
    1. Please, No War: The War Z Catastrophically Hacked
    2. The 2013 GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop
    3. The Hardware Trailer Is Very Pretty, Mysterious
    4. Broadcast Syndication: Black Annex
    5. Apocalypse Then: Victoria II - Heart Of Darkness
    6. Hard Choices: Ask AMD...Pretty Much Anything
    7. Once Morph, With Feeling: Dominique Pamplemousse
    8. Time Unit: X-COM vs XCOM / Gollop vs Solomon
    9. April 1 Didn't Ask For This: Deus Ex: Human Defiance
    10. Soundself Has Got People Talking
    11. Continental Drift: GRID 2's European Tracks
    12. Run, Don't Trundle, To The New Bundle In A Box
    13. Cardboard Children: Relic
    14. Daytime Soap Or First Trailer For Jane Jensen's Moebius?
    15. A Bit Chile: Zeno Clash 2 Appears 30th April
    16. Stolen: The Thief 4 Debut Trailer
    17. The First Torment: Tides of Numenera Image
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - April 1st 2013
    2. Supergiant's Transistor Will (Sorta) Have Multiplayer